We suggest a home electronics cafe project as local community dining room for social creation of the senior citizen participation in KDEP. A senior citizen can live for a definite aim in peace throughout the life. We can play an active part in the side where we make social participation and contribution to society as a member of society even if we grow old and we build a scheme of the voluntary economy that I can feel to be pleased with it.We greet the times of life 90 and want to build a new working model of the second life as a new lifestyle after the retirement age.

It is an art renovation the old house and a not being used store lying scattered in Kadoma-city and utilize local home electronics to kitchen facilities. "Low profit management" that I gave priority to community and publicity of the local coherence . In exchange for it, We realize a  free of pressure and  worthwhile "Low competition management" that got rid of excessive competition . In addition, it is a long time since a concept called "the work-sharing" is introduced to Japan but it hardly roots. We are going to introduce thorough "work-sharing" into this Home electronics cafe.  Home electronics cafe introduce the work-sharing of various styles by and the constant support of the operation and technical aspect. We can see reality of sustainable "old-work" in a person of retirement age, the senior citizen thereby. From "the supported side" to "the side to support".


1.Home electronics cafe

RE-Conscious Program