Geijutze program / What is Home electronics cafe?

Restructuring of "Architecture" and "Region" as an alternative "Market"

"Geijutze"program target for 300,000 locations in Japan and 20 million locations in the world

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It All Starts With a NESCAFE

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home-electronics cafe

HomeElectronicsCafe Concept


The unique concept of Home-electronics cafe is JUSTICE.We offer fair services in keeping with our customer's manner.

Roleplaying Art Re-Bot Quest

There is neither Art nor Commodity, just there is an "Assemblage". Being gathering it, it is incomplete.

This is the origin of "Assemblage".


Geijutze Program/"Availability" of elderly people is "Times of crisis"

The greatest "availability" of elderly people is the reconstruction of "commodity" in poverty, conflict, and disaster.The point is "Times of crisis".


It is important to start this game.

The world is a "wealthy" conglomerate. We can not win conglomerate. "Checkmate" is impossible.But it is no concern.What matters is "equilibrium". The goal of the game is not a "checkmate", it is a "stale mate". It is important to start this game.You can not aim at "heart" of conglomerate. There is no "heart" in conglomerate. I have no choice but to cut "body". Then there is no choice but to erase the illusion of control.We stand face to face with our learning and our creativity. Do not make it a responsibility for "scholar" or "government", but do not expect it. They are also conglomerates. They are lightly friends who advocate 'best friend'. That's why we need a real solidarity.

reD HOUSE Art Gallery

A home visit's "architecture" shares "hygge" time.

The home electronics cafe is a "home opening movement" that quickly changes to a cafe just by hanging the plate on the door knob. First of all, I start as a neighborhood residents and friends tea party drinking space.
GoRE Galley of RE-conscious

[Re-Conscious Exhibition] scrap-and-Loved. Home-electronics powerhouse Japan of playing art project. Circulation-oriented arts and crafts and Social Art Approach.

What kind of should the work be "Artwork-object⠝(Commodity)for conversion conflict-region, affected-region, camps, temporary-housing, empty-houses, abandoned-houses to sustainable and self-supporting Museums?



How to create home electronics cafe movement.

We are 0.25% -whether or not we are ready to be 1/400.

|Creative House|Home-electronics cafe

Model 2514

1f Art & Gallery 2f Bar space

|Creative House|Home-electronics cafe

Model 2343

|Creative House|Home-electronics cafe

Model 0912

|Creative House|Home-electronics cafe

Model 2230

|Creative House|Home-electronics cafe

Model 2201

|Creative House|Home-electronics cafe

Model 1306


Home-electronics Cafe0357



Home-electronics Cafe Consortium

MOVIE/Sunset 3rd street Gamow

All homes, All regions,always the sunset be come.

Home-electronics Cafe0357



WABI-SABI Art Concept